Top Tech Gadgets that are Changing the Way We Live, Work and Play Today

Technology is constantly evolving and has led to the creation of gadgets that have made it very easy to do tasks that were once seen as challenging, time-consuming or even impossible. When we think of these advances, many of us reflect upon how much inventions like computers, the internet and smartphone technology have increased access to information and simplified processes in the areas of education, communication, and the workplace.

Today’s latest tech marvels build upon these achievements and are continuing to change the way we think, work, learn, play and connect. The following is a brief overview of some of today’s most popular gadgets and how they are reshaping our lives.

A Bird’s Eye View

Flying drones have come a long way since they were first used as aerial targets in WWII. Today’s video drone is smaller, lighter, and faster, can be controlled remotely and some even use advanced technology to film and transmit live streaming video via Wi-Fi.

Drones aren’t just neat gadgets that make it easy to shoot live action of sporting events or your wedding. Applications where drones are making an impact today include the fields of security, monitoring, and even remote delivery of important items such as medicines and medical supplies in hard to reach areas. Just two years ago, NASA assisted with the first FAA-approved drone medical supply delivery in the United States, and now drones are being used to deliver lab tests, medicines and other supplies to other remote, undeserved communities in the U.S. and around the world.


Remote delivery of medical supplies is not the only way that innovative tech gadgets are changing healthcare. Wearable technologies are empowering people to take control of their health by helping them track their activity levels, caloric output, heart rate, blood pressure and other important health metrics.

Smart robots are assisting surgeons in the operating room to perform procedures that were once too difficult to be performed by human hands like removing cancerous tumors from the brain while reducing the risk of excessive bleeding and other complications.

Tele-medicine is allowing patients to be evaluated by healthcare professionals virtually from the comfort of their homes. Other healthcare tech is making it possible to draw blood and administer medications directly through the skin without the use of needles.


Advances in miniaturization, connectivity and mobile technology have led to the creation of gadgets that allow you to be entertained wherever you happen to be. Devices allow you to stream your favorite tunes and shows while you are on the road, and portable bluetooth speakers ensure that you can enjoy a full, vibrant range of sound from a device that is small enough to carry around in your pocket!

Smart Living

Today’s top gadgets for the home use Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to make your home more secure and comfortable. Smart home gadgets allow homeowners to control their locks, lights, and temperature remotely. Appliances such as smart refrigerators track the supply of food and beverages and orders refills automatically.

Kitchen counters and other surfaces contain smart tech that resists stains and kills germs on contact to decrease the time and effort it takes to clean up. In the bedroom, there are gadgets that measure the length and quality of sleep and have alarms designed to gradually awaken sleepers, in order to improve one’s ability to rest and rejuvenate.

Pet Care

Tech gadgets have even advanced to the point to improve the lives of the furry members of our families, allowing owners to interact with their pets throughout the day via live cam. Other gadgets track interaction with our pets, sending alerts to remind us to feed, water and nurture them. Even the litter box is using smart technology with litter that changes color based on your pet’s health.

It may not be time travelling DeLoreans and anti-grav hoverboards…yet. But technology is moving forward at a rapid pace to make our lives more entertaining and more convenient.

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