Alien Autopsy: I Want To Believe!


A video recently popped up on YouTube of an alleged Alien Autopsy. While on must subjects I remain the intellectual skeptic, extraterrestrial life is one subject in which I’ll grab on to any shred of somewhat realistic documentation, just to believe that we are not alone.

Of course, I have no proof on the validity of this video, and it’s almost certainly fake, since it hasn’t been removed from YouTube yet, but it’s a very well done fabrication at the very least. Those who are Michael Jackson fans might want to turn away, the resemblance is eerie. Oh, Michael, it’s too easy. If you can stomach this sort of thing, check out the more gruesome pics after the jump.



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  1. electro^plankton

    Humans expect any alien life will have human likeness. There’s no reason for them to be bipedal or have two eyes. Those are all evolutionary features unique and specific to Earth and our environment. Hell if we do find aliens at all, they probably wouldn’t look like anything like us.

  2. @electro^plankton I totally agree. When people describe abductions they always describe the aliens as having human personifications. It seems highly unlikely that life on other planets would be humannoid unless given the same exact conditions we had.

  3. i want to be an alien

  4. @Chris: Why? It doesn’t look too glamorous, dude.

  5. The problem with these sorts of things, is that any proof of actual alien life is going to be disregarded (especially by religious folk) because of all the hoaxes. People need to stop making up UFO sightings, and alien abductions. If there are alien life-forms out there, stop nullifying any proof that may one day arise.

  6. I believe that Aliens would have human characteristics because life can only become so under the circumstances we have. If our planet was a fraction off it’s axis, we would not be here. Therefore, “aliens” must have some kind of human characteristics if not a little more advanced. Who knows how long they’ve been around. Maybe aliens are little organisms right now on a distant planet. Maybe they are some sort of creature, not even evovled at all. Who knows. Maybe we will never find them. What if they don’t want to be found? I doubt there are any forces out there that are bent on destroying everything they see and I doubt we should be afraid of anything “alien” unless they have diseases that which we are not immune. If there are aliens out there they are probably looking for other life forms too. I doubt we will ever have the technology to hyperspeeed through space or have laser guns and shit lol. I dunno, I wanna believe there is something out there, but I highly doubt it. All we can do is make assumptions.

  7. well, what amazes me, is the lack of fantasy on those people that make these videos. At the end of the day, ET, coming lightyears away from us, has the same coloring of tissue, and VERY familiar anatomy. I mean, even squid, octopus etc have blueish-green blood for example, we expect ET to have the same basic features as we are?

  8. Shit’s too weak on Earth right now to care about aliens. Help a hobo. Go to grad school. Do something for our world.

  9. Anyone ever wonder why we werent here during the dinosaurs? I think WE are aliens. we arrived on a meteor that killed the dinosaurs and evolved according to the environment. we may be related to whatever’s out in space. just a thought…

  10. “Roswell story” says aliens have some sort of the same feature humans do, but their bodies are like pants and how plants intake and waste…i’ll never understand this shit its all assumption..I think i’ll take the guys advice and do something with my life and find out if there really is another life outside ours..and CIA will probably know all about it! Lol

  11. hey simply what i have to say is our universe the place we are in, is too big for us to be alone think of it this way our galaxy the milky way is a small fraction of the big ass universe how many kinds of life are on earth dnt you think there may be at least one other kind of life??? just an opinion everyone has their own

  12. why is the hand bigga den da whole damn body dat sit is fake as fukk lol

  13. the universe is endless if we have the right conditions for life there must be plenty throughout the universe , and i bet there are plenty who have the technology to travel in light years. Aliens want to learn more too if they already dont have the answers. plus the incas have stone drawings of ufo’s and aliens on their caves, why would they want to make something up. and our government knows a lot but wont tell anything to the public, for its own observations on their devices or their ship to see the minerals used, and they dont want to scare the public

  14. All UFO sightings are either fake or human prototypes which the government wants to keep secret. The government made up UFO’s to cover up all the experiments they do, especially during the cold war and the world wars, why else do you think the most registered UFO sightings was around them times?

    There is extra-terrestrial life out there but its going to take thousands of years worth of developing technology to even reach them (that’s if they don’t come to us first).

    We wont ever see extra-terrestrial life in our life time or our children’s life time or even our children’s, children lifetime, that’s unless they don’t come to us which would be very unlikely.

    There will be extra-terrestrials out there as micro-organisms (like on mars) that’s a lot less advanced than us and extra-terrestrials that are far more advanced than us this is because their species may have had thousands, if not millions more years of sustainability and technology than humans on earth.

    There is extra-terrestrial life on mars as micro organism’s deep within the soil, mars used to be like the Earth until it died out. If there is two planets that are capable of sustaining life in our solar system (the milky way) there is defiantly life out there in the endless nothingness of space, thousands of millions of light-years away.

    Everyone has their opinion, this is my opinion, you have the right to disagree with my opinion and believe in you’re opinion, I do not want to cause any arguments over this, people believe what you want to believe, its not like I work for the government or prove anything I’ve said above (apart from the micro-organisms living on Mars). But I believe this is the most realistic theory.

    Oh well for cool alien invasion movies… ALIENS EXIST I SEE THEM EVERY NIGHT OUT OF MY WINDOW ABDUCTING MY CATTLE AND LEAVING MELTED BONES BEHIND. Hope I haven’t ruined it Hollywood.


  15. @Andrew Dobrow I disgree with you and electro^plankton. Simon Conway Morris, a leading biologist from the UK, has a theory of biology called Convergence, or Convergent Evolution, as opposed to Divergent Evolution. Divergent Evolution is the idea the evolution naturally “spreads out” in that it starts out from one organism, and then gradually that organism evolves something different, and that organism evolves something different, and it spreads out like a tree, until we end up with a bunch of completely different organisms…and it just keeps going like that. Convergent evolution, on the other hand, has been proven to be correct. It claims that evolution “re-discovers” the same traits even through completely different lineages of organisms on completely different sides of the planet. For instance, eyes have evolved many different times independently…evolution just keeps coming back to that same solution for the purpose of perceiving photons in animals. Hands are also somewhat convergent. Hemoglobin is convergent, and so are wings. Birds’ and bats’ common ancestor did not have wings, and yet both birds and bats do. So it’s likely that life on other planets would also have eyes, hands, hemoglobin, and wings…not necessarily all in the same organism, but we would likely find all of these traits on other planets with life; in fact it is likely that each planet with life would have each one of these traits, somewhere in its lineages of biology. Therefore, it stands to reason that any organism which develops to the point of human-like, or even post-human intellect, such as a large frontal lobe, will take a relatively similar form as humans (i.e. bipedal, two arms, two hands, two eyes, hemoglobin in the blood, etc.)

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