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Alien Mind Control Halloween Mask: We Come In Peace… And Latex

This is, like, the extraterrestrial version of a video game. Except the video part is a manipulated human brain and the game is world domination. Which, now that I think of it, doesn't sound like a video game at all. HEY! YOU SAID THIS WOULD BE FUN! I THOUGHT.... (various suction noises) Hell-o, I am Zorr, please provide me your hand and/or colon.

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It Had To Be Done: The Avatar Na’vi Fleshlight

Now that you’ve brushed up on your Na’vi grammar skills, it’s time to try out your new moves on all of those fine Na’vi ladies. In all likelihood, success isn’t going to come overnight. The probability of scoring on your first few tries are astronomically low. But there is hope! Until you hone your skills, there’s always the Na’vi Fleshlight ...

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Alien Autopsy T-Shirt Confirms Existence of Extraterrestrials

Until now, any mention of extraterrestrials had remained solely conjecture. Pure myth. But finally, some hard proof! This is what we all needed. I am now a believer. The hours I wasted tapping away to Space Invaders did nothing to relieve my skepticism, but now, the proof is on a t-shirt. And as we all know, if it’s on a ...

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Best Fetish Ever: Latex Alien Costumes

Here’s an interesting new geeky sexual fetish to explore. Enter into the world of latex alien costumes. I’m pretty sure that first one is based on some weird Cloverfield-like alien, while the second one is the more traditional Alien series extraterrestrial. Two aliens, one suit. Just deflate some air and you have a whole new latex fantasy to explore. While ...

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Cerva MC08: Amphibious Pod Vehicle or Alien Movie Prop?

If an alien and the Embrio Unicycle were to find a way to have a freaky love child, the offspring might resemble the Cerva MC08. Sporting what appears to be an evil grin (no doubt thrilled to have just slaughtered countless humans,) the MC08 is an oval-shaped conceptual transport vehicle which offers modular design to integrate various means of getting ...

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Alien Autopsy: I Want To Believe!

A video recently popped up on YouTube of an alleged Alien Autopsy. While on must subjects I remain the intellectual skeptic, extraterrestrial life is one subject in which I’ll grab on to any shred of somewhat realistic documentation, just to believe that we are not alone. Of course, I have no proof on the validity of this video, and it’s ...

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