Cerva MC08: Amphibious Pod Vehicle or Alien Movie Prop?


If an alien and the Embrio Unicycle were to find a way to have a freaky love child, the offspring might resemble the Cerva MC08. Sporting what appears to be an evil grin (no doubt thrilled to have just slaughtered countless humans,) the MC08 is an oval-shaped conceptual transport vehicle which offers modular design to integrate various means of getting around.

The Cerva MC08 is modular in the sense that there is a three wheel axle extension that can be mounted on the vehicle for use on the hard road. The designers say it can carry up to two people at once but we have no idea how. We’re guessing one passenger would have to ride with his legs around the drivers shoulders, unless there is a separate modular piece for an extra seat.


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  1. this description does not give enough information on this vehicle.

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