Best Fetish Ever: Latex Alien Costumes


Here’s an interesting new geeky sexual fetish to explore. Enter into the world of latex alien costumes. I’m pretty sure that first one is based on some weird Cloverfield-like alien, while the second one is the more traditional Alien series extraterrestrial. Two aliens, one suit. Just deflate some air and you have a whole new latex fantasy to explore.

While I can’t really see myself getting into that whole latex scene, freaky alien loving sounds like it could be fun. It’s sort of like mixing cosplay and orgies.

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  1. Soo…. How is sexual intercourse done with these things?

  2. Im pretty sure there both the same. Just one has the body deflated. 😛

  3. Well, I ain’t getting to sleep tonight knowing there are people in the world who own these things.

  4. Yeah they are the same. Here’s a pic of my Xeno costume. It’s a little more ractical than that one, not to mention I can see and do other stuff while wearing it.

    Have fun sleeping tonight, Cuckoo!!


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