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Autopsy Intruments Used on Elvis Presley For Sale

If you’re anything like me and were hoping to purchase these tools just so you can lick the stainless steel and ingest whatever Elvis-fluids might remain in an attempt to gain The King’s super rocking powers, forget about it. Unfortunately these tools have been thoroughly cleansed. All of the items used in the autopsy and funeral preparations will be offered ...

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Alien Autopsy T-Shirt Confirms Existence of Extraterrestrials

Until now, any mention of extraterrestrials had remained solely conjecture. Pure myth. But finally, some hard proof! This is what we all needed. I am now a believer. The hours I wasted tapping away to Space Invaders did nothing to relieve my skepticism, but now, the proof is on a t-shirt. And as we all know, if it’s on a ...

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Alien Autopsy: I Want To Believe!

A video recently popped up on YouTube of an alleged Alien Autopsy. While on must subjects I remain the intellectual skeptic, extraterrestrial life is one subject in which I’ll grab on to any shred of somewhat realistic documentation, just to believe that we are not alone. Of course, I have no proof on the validity of this video, and it’s ...

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