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UFO Video Recorded Over China’s Xiaoshan Airport

Some skeptics are claiming it’s a rocket, though I’ve never seen a rocket do what this thing does at 0:31. Also, I wasn’t aware that rockets were self-illuminated, all but advertising their presence. I WANT TO BELIEVE! Don’t rain on my parade haters. Aliens are real! And they are very, very interested in China’s development of commercial airliners! Yes, that’s ...

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Fun Glow Disc Makes Frank Happy

Last night, I watched the David Lynch flick Blue Velvet for the first time ever. I was shocked so much, that I still don’t think I’m over it. The doctor tells me I should do something “fun and stimulating.” So, taking his advice, I dropped $10 on this UFO flying disc from ThinkGeek. It glows in the dark and transforms ...

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China Develops Prototype Flying Saucer

The AFP is reporting that a Chinese company has built a real flying saucer. Right out of Mars Attacks!, the UFO looks like an egg but is so much more. It can be driven remotely without the need for a pilot or anyone on board and can go about 50 MPH. To boot, it can hover an an altitude of ...

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Alien Autopsy: I Want To Believe!

A video recently popped up on YouTube of an alleged Alien Autopsy. While on must subjects I remain the intellectual skeptic, extraterrestrial life is one subject in which I’ll grab on to any shred of somewhat realistic documentation, just to believe that we are not alone. Of course, I have no proof on the validity of this video, and it’s ...

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Neues Licht UFO lamp reminds of extraterrestrials for a second

The UFOs are coming! Look out! Oh, wait, it’s just your lamp. So, doesn’t this source of light look awsome? In case you are wondering how it works, first let’s say that there is no light bulb or LED set being used here. Instead of these tradtional light sources, if LED is traditional now, the UFO Neues Licht uses fiber ...

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