Neues Licht UFO lamp reminds of extraterrestrials for a second

ufo neues licht

The UFOs are coming! Look out! Oh, wait, it’s just your lamp. So, doesn’t this source of light look awsome? In case you are wondering how it works, first let’s say that there is no light bulb or LED set being used here. Instead of these tradtional light sources, if LED is traditional now, the UFO Neues Licht uses fiber optics stretching out to the corners of the disc to light your room. The disk has a total diameter of 59cm and a height (without the extending link to the ceiling) of about 20cm. One thing that is so cool about fiber optics is the way that you can change the color of the light so easily. Look after the jump for a pic of some green light. Quick! Ready to get hifalutin?

Simplicity from another planet. Full of longing, the Ufo stands above all else. The flat base floats, while the glass fibres focus at the centre of the Ufo like an energy beam, engulfing the surrounding space in mystical light. The light emanating from the Ufo radiates, marking the boundaries of the illuminated area and emphasising the depth of the surrounding space.

ufo neues licht

Nik Gomez

Neues Licht UFO [via Shiny Shiny]

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