China Develops Prototype Flying Saucer

The AFP is reporting that a Chinese company has built a real flying saucer. Right out of Mars Attacks!, the UFO looks like an egg but is so much more. It can be driven remotely without the need for a pilot or anyone on board and can go about 50 MPH. To boot, it can hover an an altitude of 1000 meters, which is pretty high. Sounds Hollywood-ish but I’m not about to start screwing around with aliens.

Developed by Harbin Smart Special Aerocraft Co Ltd, the UFO took 12 years and $4.1 million before a working prototype came out. The company says the aircraft will be used for aerial photography, geological surveys and scaring the shit out of families everywhere.


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  1. 1. That is not the correct picture.

    2. Sikorsky already did this better in the 1990’s

  2. Thanks Rammjet. Noted and updated!

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