Mars Attacks (In Ceramic Ray Gun Form)


I seriously doubt we’ll get attacked by aliens anytime soon but in case we are, we’ll be prepared to bluff their assault with these quirky ceramic ray guns from Muddy Mountain Pottery. The Raku Ray Gun series of creations feature classic sci-fi names such as “Van Vogt Defractor” and “Nemo Squidulator.” The median price of the guns you’ll find is about $275 a sculpture, a small price to pay for such unique art.

Interested in how these guns came about being crafted? From the website:

Raku Ray Guns are one-of-a-kind ceramic sculptures made by West Magoon. They are inspired by alien technology unearthed at a secret UFO crash site, known only to a tribe of Wyoming Hill People. These photos depict all of the individual Ray Guns currently available. Each is named after a classic science fiction author or character. The moon crater wall plaques that support the guns each measure 12″ wide by 9″ high.

In the end, they still don’t have shit on Ripley’s Pulse Rifle from Aliens.

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