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Painting the future

A short film featuring Syd Mead, concept artist for Blade Runner, Tron, and Aliens, shows a master visual futurist at work. Video after the jump.

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UFO Video Recorded Over China’s Xiaoshan Airport

Some skeptics are claiming it’s a rocket, though I’ve never seen a rocket do what this thing does at 0:31. Also, I wasn’t aware that rockets were self-illuminated, all but advertising their presence. I WANT TO BELIEVE! Don’t rain on my parade haters. Aliens are real! And they are very, very interested in China’s development of commercial airliners! Yes, that’s ...

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Stephen Hawking Does Not Welcome Our New Alien Overlords

Not only does renowned theoretical physicist and master auto-tuner Stephen Hawking not openly welcome alien visitors, he seems to fear it and thinks we should too. In a new Discovery Channel series three years in the making, Hawking warns that any alien race smart enough to seek us out probably don’t have the best intentions in mind. He’s previously spoken ...

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Aliens Chess Set

I fucking love Aliens. From the hotness of Sigourney Weaver to the antics of Bill Paxton, the movie will always hold a special place in my heart, save for the shitty video games. Finally, after years of cranking out the aforementioned shitty video games, Aliens comes to your tabletop with this special chess set. You’ll receive this intricate board, face ...

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NASA Thinks May Have Found Water On Mars (For Real This Time)

NASA says their Phoenix lander may have found water on Mars again. Last month, they thought Phoenix had discovered Martian ice, but it evaporated before they could were able to analyze it. Now, NASA is announcing that Phoenix has discovered another small trench which may contain frozen water. Data transmitted from the lander has revealed a hard layer below the ...

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The Alien Car Pays H.R. Giger Tribute

In Russia, you don’t mod car. Car mods you! This Alien car was created by some bored people in the frozen tundra of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. It looks like they created a mold to place on top of a car (that resembles a PT Cruiser) and then painstakingly painted it. Not only does it look downright beautiful, it’ll definitely keep thieves ...

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