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Totlol The Kid Safe Alternative To YouTube!


YouTube has some pretty entertaining videos and toons for kids, but then it also has some very kid unfriendly videos too and as a parent it can be very difficult making sure that our kids don't end up watching those videos instead. Now TotLOL offers a more kid friendly environment for video watching.

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Attend A Concert Without Actually Attending, With YouTube!

Kings Of Leon

YouTube has set up a 360 degree camera designed to allow non-concert goers to control their concert going experience. YouTube will be offering their 360 degree user controlled camera for tonights live stream of the King Of Leon concert. The webcast show, directed by Fred Armisen will be viewable via YouTube’s webcast.

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Casino Royale in Lego

Casino Royale Lego

Whether you are a hardcore James Bond fan or a hardcore Lego fan or both, you will love this incredible YouTube video from Bricktease - the Casino Royal opening scene in Lego.

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After the Fall

Chris Beckman's short film "oops" stitches together appropriated camera-drop pratfalls from uploaded videos to suggest a network of serendipitous mishap. Video after the jump.

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Facebook Has 11,701 Compromised Pages

Feeling secure today? A new report from AVG warns users against social networking sites and the potential for pages that compromise security. Through their research of social networking sites, AVG found 20,000 compromised pages in all, 11,701 of which are on Facebook. YouTube tallied 7,163 compromised pages. “The fact that we found almost 20,000 compromised web pages should make social ...

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