Life On Mars: Martian Spotted On NASA Spirit Footage


No, we have not become a tabloid. Nor do we say that this image shows definitive proof of life on Mars (even though David Bowie asks that very same question decades ago, what a genius.) What we can tell you is that a humanoid-appearing entity was spotted chilling on a rock, from one of the photos taken by the NASA Mars Spirit explorer.

Is it just a discrepancy? Some weird rock formation? Is it an Ewok or even Bigfoot? We do not know. What we do know is that we’ll be hearing a cover-up story from NASA in the near future. Take the jump for a super close up.


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  1. I call Tusken Raider.

  2. Kristal mac leod

    it looks like a women with her dress in layers under her as if reaching for someone she’s loves ? now i can show you a realllllll biggggg foottttttt almost 21 inches long and there is no debate on if it is a bigfoot- soon as u see it- you will say (thats a reallll big foot- of course it’s a rock seeing is believeing thank u Mimetolithman

  3. is that real?
    if so tell me

  4. leonard herminigildo

    is there a proof that the object in the photos is real martian or it is a rock form only.

  5. leonard herminigildo


  6. wow that cant be true

  7. Dude it is like so not real

  8. uhhh im bored in science class huuuu bye

  9. the camera is motion detected

  10. Its not from NASA.
    Its an image of a Tusken Raider from Star Wars.
    The scene where Anikan has to follow R2-D2 into the desert with Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    If you want, youtube it. its there. and if anyone has seen the image with the “enhanced” zoom-in, it was released “coincidentally” when the movi came out on Blu-Ray.

  11. Nice Photoshop job! However, I can still see a little bit of texture shift behind the statue, so it could have been a little more precise.

  12. its waiting for a bus

  13. Its not a person/thing already confirmed.
    The camera is not motion activated.
    PhotoShop was not used.
    Its the cliff of a rock formation from an odd angle.
    The surrounding rocks match in color and odd shape just not as large. So hopefully this will bring some closure to people.

    On a side no of my opinion…Its a rock people are not very bright also where would the other life forms be? why would he be sitting on a rock.
    Also the temperature drops to extremely cold levels so its very unlikely for anything but a type of small underdeveloped organism to live on this red planet.


  14. yoda it is, conducting philharmonic orchestra on mars, mmmm yes. mmmm and balaclava.

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