The Grand Reveal Of The Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick!

Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick

The newly revealed Sony Bravia Smart Stick might look a lot like the Google Chromecast but so far there are few mentions of features that could rival the Chromecast. The Sony Bravia Smart Stick was revealed today and apparently the MHL dongle will run both Sony Bravia and Google apps. According to some the Smart Stick will feature a number of characteristics that have been seen before with the Sony Google TV boxes.

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The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 Is Leaked In Pictures

Amazon Kindle Fire 2

According to website pictures of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 have been leaked and so far reception hasn't been all that great! The newest Amazon Kindle Fire HD (the 2) has been leaked in images four over at BGR and it is being rumored that this tablet could see the light of day as soon as the end of this month!

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