Top 3 Spy Cameras You Can Actually Buy

In today’s topic, I’ll bring 3 most popular and common spy cameras to our friends.

In our life, maybe you will worry home security when you out, hope to record some important meeting or gather some useful evidence to protect yourself.

With the 3 powerful spy cameras, I’m sure you can deal with the mentioned problems easily.

Spy camera pen

Spy pen

The spy pen is a covert spy gadget with an HD pinhole lens built-in. It includes two versions: the pen alone, or the pen with an 8GB card. You can record videos of meetings, conversations, or classes. Because it’s lightweight and covertly so you can easy to take it to the office, school, home setting, or anywhere without cause suspicious.


Easy to portable

Price is cheap than other spy cameras

Support Snapshot Function

8GB Memory Card Built-in




Not motion activated

Battery is small (300mAh), product only works for 60 minutes, tops

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Spy clock

Spy Clock

It’ a high tech spy camera with wifi function, you can remote review anyplace where have installed it in your smartphone.

For example :if you suspect your babysitter of neglect,your children is behaving inappropriately,or you hope to catch a staff member when they are wasting time in company.

With the spy clock you can easy to monitor the dishonest, abusive and wasteful behaviors occur behind closed doors.


Real-time Audio & Video Recording

IR Night Vision

Support Smartphone Remote Control

Charging and Recording at the same time

Support Loop Recording

WIFI Network Function


This model is not motion activated

Charging Time: 5 hours

Not include any memory card.

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Button spy camera

Button spy camera

It’s a wearable spy camera and the pinhole camera installed in a button, when you wear it for capturing the image or videos, others are very hard to notice.

It’s a powerful and professional spy gadget and mainly used for undercover investigators, police officers, private detectives, and the concerned citizen .

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Easy to wearable and installation

Real-time Audio & Video Recording

1920x1080P Full HD Video Resolution

Support motion activated

Support 32GB Micro SD Card in Max


Takes 2 hours to fully charge

Product only works for 2 hours

Not include any memory card.

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