Smart LED Bulbs for Stylish Home Decor

smart leds for home decor

Smart LEDs for Stylish Home Decor Are you tired of having the same old boring light bulbs at your home? Do you wish to add some color to your décor? If so, then Smart LED Bulbs may be right for you. These bulbs will take your home to a whole new level! Awesome Features When I got my first Smart ...

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6 Frustrations You Could Face With Your Apple Update

A new iPhone is released and everyone waits in line during a hurricane for a week to get one. But when an Apple update comes out, people act as if the update could wipe out human civilization. There’s no need to fear the latest update. We have found simple fixes for the six most common complaints about the new iOS9 ...

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Bundled Up Awesomeness: Logitech K400 Plus and Azulle Access PC Stick

We are in an age of ever-advancing technology. There is always some sort of upgrade or new technology being released every day. Most of these feature never-before-seen advances in the fields of technology and communication. For example, we went from mainframes to PCs in just under 20 years, and we seem to be doing even better with portable laptops. However, ...

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Review – iClever Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Are you tired of lugging around a huge laptop just to type up something quick while you are at the mall or during your lunch break at work? Are you looking for a keyboard that you can use on your mobile phone? If so, you may want to check out the . Great Design iClever’s portable keyboard has a sleek, ...

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Review – iClever’s Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Your Travel Needs

Are you tired of listening to music over Bluetooth with less than quality sound? Are you tired of making low quality calls over Bluetooth? If so, then  with its many great features will be right for you! Beautiful Design  iClever’s portable Bluetooth speakers come with a beautiful zinc alloy finish indicating a great quality design. Unlike other speakers designed with ...

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Don’t Bin Your Favourite Apple Gadgets

If you are an Apple fan, the chances are that you have been for some time. Almost from the get go Apple got consumers hooked on their products. There are homes out there that have relied on Apple gadgets for two decades or more. This means that you are quite likely to have several old Apple gadgets rattling around in ...

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Invest in Technology

Invest In Technology Wisely

In the present day and age, technology has shot forward in leaps and bounds. There are advances made in the field of electronics and computing every single day. With the fluctuations in prices for different gadgets and electronics as they release and die out, you need to be careful what you put your money and your faith in. When trying ...

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The 7 Best Jobs for Rugged Laptops

Do you wish you could own a laptop that could leap tall buildings in a single bound? That could withstand a hurricane? That would just survive a day at your rugged job or hobby? Well, look no further than the Panasonic Tough Notebook. Tough notebooks are “ruggedized” which, according to TechTarget, means that they can withstand a lot of things ...

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What Would Each Start Wars Character Drive ?

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, comes out in December, and excitement around this, the first Star Wars movie in a decade, has reached a fever pitch. We got to thinking about what kind of modern vehicle each Star Wars character would drive if they lived on Earth today. We had several great ideas to choose from but ...

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Gaming on Apple TV Just Got Serious With the Introduction of the SteelSeries Nimbus

When Apple unveiled the new Apple TV and told us all its capabilities, the key ones being it would support gaming they overlooked to mention that certain made for iDevice gamepad controllers would be compatible with the device. So when SteelSeries announced the brand new Nimbus gamepad controller built specifically for Apple TV many people were certainly surprised, but it’s ...

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