5 Reasons Why you should Buy PlayStation Gift Cards

Playstation 4

In the world of gaming, PlayStation console plays a huge role. It’s the most popular console with millions of players across the globe. It features many critically acclaimed games and dozen of exclusive titles that you can play only on PlayStation. While many stores sell the majority these games in physical format there are quite a few reasons to consider buying PlayStation gift cards.

1. Games that you can’t get in the store

It’s safe to assume that at some point in your life you’ve wandered through a retail store section dedicated for games with an intent to buy something. While many of the most popular titles are released in physical format there are plenty of games that can be downloaded only via PlayStation Store. Countless indie gems, numerous free-to-play titles are just a tip of the iceberg. Most titles are never released outside digital space and in order to buy these games, you’ll need to add funds to your PSN balance with PlayStation gift cards. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these games, would you?

2. Convenience

Another big reason to maintain a healthy amount of money on your PSN wallet is convenience. If you’re anything like us, you like spending a couple of additional bucks in order to unlock the full PlayStation gaming experience. This includes in-game purchases, PlayStation Plus subscription and plenty of paid Entertainment Apps. By purchasing PlayStation gift cards you’ll fill your wallet with digital money and won’t need to or keep your credit card nearby.

3. Avoid regional restrictions

PlayStation Network might be the biggest community of gamers in the world but it has some limitations as well. Currently, PlayStation is not supported in all countries which means that some players can’t buy digital games on the PlayStation Store due to regional restrictions. However, PlayStation gift cards might be the perfect solution to the issue. You have to create a new PSN account on one of the many recognized regions. After that, just search for a card for your selected region on Eneba, activate it, and enjoy!

4. It’s cheaper

No matter the region PlayStation gift cards cost a lot less compared to a direct PSN balance purchase. For example, 20 euro PSN gift card for French region can cost 17 euros, 50 euro card for Spanish region costs around 41 euros, etc. This allows players to save a lot of your money which later can be spent on games! Eneba features a lot of offers for every PlayStation Network region out there.

5. Activate it anytime

If you have a friend who’s a gamer PlayStation gift cards might be a great pick if his birthday is coming up shortly. You don’t need to surf through stores in order to find a suitable gift, let your friend select his own game! PlayStation gift cards don’t have any expiration dates which means that you can activate them anytime you want. You can wait for the appropriate time – birthday, new title launch, or unexpected PlayStation Store sales. You’ll be ready to go!

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