AirPods or Earphones? Confused?

Tired of untangling those wires everyday all-day?

The technology did give you an alternative to the same though the wireless AirPods.

Often we get stuck between which ones to buy considering cost and convenience but still, the decision is the toughest one to make.

This article lists down characteristics of both the electrics however what this won’t do is impose an opinion on you so as to get you influenced.


Before going to the  criteria which I am going to pen down, let’s put the difference between the two out there.

Earphones are your basic listening tool that comes with a wire and a microphone attached to it. They do not require charging and come with the box of your phone when you buy it.

Airpods, on the other hand, are completely wireless and thus there’s no hassle with the tangled issue. These come in a small white box with two compartments carrying each airpod. These need to be charged and may or may not come with the box at the time of buying.

Now that we sort of can picturize the two, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.


Airpods have great functionality. Even when dropped, they don’t lose out on quality and performance. Water-resistance is high thus if you by mistake slip them, there’s no need to worry. By reading the customer reviews, one thing is clear, they won’t leave you disappointed.

Earphones on the other hand usually last a year however if they are of extremely great quality, they could go up to 3-4 years as well. These either break apart or start malfunctioning from either side.


Airpods are comparatively expensive in regards to earphones. They either come with wireless chargers or without and the cost varies accordingly. The AirPods with the charging case listed on amazon are quoted at Rs.16999 claiming that the customers save Rs.2401.

Your regular earphones come between a range of quotations starting from Rs.200 going all the way up-to Rs.13990 if you enter the headphone category.

Warranty / Guarantee

Both the listening devices come with a one year warranty. Airpod warranty covers the accessories that come with it against any manufacturing defects however any accidents aren’t a part of the policy. The guarantee service with replacement parts includes 90-day leverage or the time left in the warranty card (whichever is longer).

The earphones if bought from an offline store require the receipt of purchase to be shown before claiming any defects.


Airpods and earphone are easily available online as well as offline stores, however, AirPods in stores is less frequent.

Performance Quality

Like mentioned earlier, AirPods work perfectly well go customer satisfaction for a good duration. They provide a perfectly average sound quality however there’s no noise cancellation. Due to the open design, sound isolation becomes an issue.

Earphones on the other hand are suitable for use, good quality just the durability needs to be worked upon.

From the criteria discussed above, a fair assessment of what holds the best for us gets clear. Preferences are subjective and thus anyone can’t be picked, some may go for high cost thus good quality while some may go for simple and convenient use.

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