Why Gamers Prefer Using a Phablet

For the tech savvy, the word ‘phablet’ has been on the scene for many years. It is a is a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet but for some readers this may be the first time you are hearing the term. Basically, a phablet is a mobile device that bridges the gap between a mobile phone and a tablet. 

There are many reasons why gamers prefer using a phablet over a mobile phone, one of which is the screen size. When playing games or streaming content, you want to have the largest screen and biggest resolution available to fully enjoy the experience. Boasting a larger display than you would find on a standard mobile phone, playing games on a phablet makes it easier to follow the action and to see every detail on the screen.


A bigger screen also has a role to play in the control of a video game. Mobile games do not often have the luxury of using a gaming pad such as those found on the PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. The controls are usually situated somewhere on the screen which can be awkward if the screen is small. However, this is one of the many reasons why gamers prefer using a phablet, as the controls are not only easier to use but also take up less screen space. That means you can enjoy seeing more of the actual game itself rather than it being covered by the control section.

Phablets often boast superior processors to mobile phones and this improves gaming performance. Many of the modern games being released for mobile devices require fast processors to fully appreciate their quality and that is not always possible on a mobile phone. The increased size of a phablet means it is easier to include higher specification hardware, such as a processor. 

Thanks to the continued development of technology, it is now possible to enjoy sports gambling using a mobile device. The BetRivers application is a good example and you can read more on the website about the many fantastic sports and markets available on which to bet when using the app. Often when placing a sports wager, you are met with a great deal of information on the screen and the increased resolution of a phablet is certainly beneficial in that regard. In addition, the fast processing speeds available when using a phablet make installing and using apps such as the BetRivers app a breeze.

Due to the competitive mobile market, manufacturers are having to ensure their devices are easy to hold during use. Therefore, even the largest phablets feel comfortable in the hand and they have been constructed using lightweight materials. Phablets can be held both in one or two hands when playing games plus the battery life on phablets usually exceeds that of smaller mobile devices. The last thing you want when enjoying a game is for the battery to run out and there is less chance of that happening when using a phablet.

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