A Guide To Buying High Energy Detection Cameras

Choosing the right detection system is vital, whether you want to use it for medical research, cell structure studies or material analysis. Before you begin shopping around for a high energy detection camera, you will need to work out what your budget is so that you know how much you can afford to spend. It is also important to make ...

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DIY Mosquito Killing Device a.k.a. The Handheld Flamethrower

Meant for slaying mosquitoes, but equally capable of maiming an enemy or two, the DIY mosquito killing device is made using various doodads you can undoubtedly find laying around your home. Needed to create your very own mosquito killing device is a bottle of hair spray and an old bicycle handlebar with brakes included. Anything that combines the ability to ...

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What To Expect From Augmented And Virtual Realities

Virtual reality has arguably hit the mainstream, with the high demand for the Oculus Rift as the proof. But more telling is the emergence of low- to mid-priced players in the VR space because they are the ones producing the tech that will give the most people access to augmented and virtual reality experiences. Everything from the Samsung Gear VR system right ...

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Top 3 Spy Cameras You Can Actually Buy

In today’s topic, I’ll bring 3 most popular and common spy cameras to our friends. In our life, maybe you will worry home security when you out, hope to record some important meeting or gather some useful evidence to protect yourself. With the 3 powerful spy cameras, I’m sure you can deal with the mentioned problems easily. Spy camera pen ...

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Building a Career From a Greater Understanding of Computer Technologies

One of the most dynamic fields of study today is computer science. It is as dynamic as the ever-evolving world of technology. In fact, much of today’s technology and innovation is driven by computer science. A career driven by computer technologies can be very rewarding, just as it is challenging for the fact that you must keep tabs on the ...

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Dash Cameras for Commercial Fleets

With technology evolving every day, we are finding more and more uses for it from pleasure to remote home security. A natural step in that progression is the dash cam. For some time now law enforcement has been utilizing them for use in officer safety, reviewing facts of a traffic stop and to protect against false accusations. Now we see ...

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Playster Review: Streaming App and Tablet

If you love subscription-based entertainment services and have always wondered if there’s a hack to get movies, music, books and games under one roof, then you’ll want to give Playster a try. The latest contender in the world of online streaming, Playster offers users access to unlimited entertainment in all its forms. Whether you download the app or log in through ...

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iRig Keys MINI Review

If there is a traveler inside you waiting to unleash his musical talents, iRig Keys MINI should be your definite choice. This ultra-portable 25-key MIDI controller helps you create music with your iPhone, iPad, Android phones and MAC/PC. This IK Multimedia product is exceptionally good for the people who are always on the road. This MIDI controller is perfect for ...

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Essential Gadgets and Must-Haves for your Office


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends 44.5 hours in the office each week. That’s a lot of time! That’s only second to the amount of time that they spend sleeping. While some simply need a framed family photo on their desk to make it their “space”, others want the latest technology to guide them through ...

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