Guide For Installing Xfinity Stream App On Apple TV

The choice and taste of watching entertainment shows have seen a drastic shift in recent years. Gone are the days when kids and elders used to sit in front of the television at a fixed time to watch soap operas streamed by the cable operators. With the advent of time people, today are choosing streaming apps where one can find all kind of content from movies, series, sports, to live gaming all at one place. Streaming apps are a lot more convenient as one has payment options of either paying yearly, monthly or quarterly. It also offers unlimited downloading, and choose from a wide variety of options. Owing to these and many more such advantages stream apps have become the hot cakes in the industry. 

One such famous streaming app is Xfinity Stream app, which is an American OTT (Over the top) internet television service owned by Comcast. It can be streamed on multiple mediums like mobile phone, television, laptops, and tablets. It offers more than 200 live TV channels, on-demand and live video content, and cloud DVD storage to watch saved recording and content from all over the internet. 

One such media to stream Xfinity app is on Apple TV. However, Apple TV is not regular television set and is digital media player and a microconsole that can be connected to a television set. When you install the Xfinity streaming app on an Apple TV, you unlock all these privileges and more. But the twist is that the Xfinity app needs a different set of guidelines to install on an Apple TV as the app is available on iOS and watchOS and is not available on the Apple TV operating system. Below we have mentioned the complete guide on how to install Xfinity stream app apple tv. 

Steps to create account in Xfinity stream

Before you start with the process of installing the Xfinity stream app on the Apple TV, it is important to make sure that you have created an account on the app. If you already have an account, you can proceed with the next steps. But if you don’t have an account already you need to create one by-

Step 1- Open any web browser either from your smartphone or computer.

Step 2- Enter the official website of Xfinity.

Step 3- Find the My Account option from the web page.

Step 4- Choose the sign in option and click on “create”.

Step 5- Enter you mobile number and continue

Step 6- Complete the security check by entering the floating numbers.

Step 7- Now again enter the mobile number and type the verification code you received.

Step 8- Finally, enter your email id or mobile number and create a password.

Step 9- Now you can enter your Xfinity account by entering your credentials. 

The Xfinity stream app is a subscription based service provider and after creating your account you need to choose the subscription plan.

Step by step guide to install Xfinity stream app apple tv

As Xfinity stream app is an official app found on the app store for Apple devices like iPhone or iPad, it is however, not found on the Apple TV app store. Therefore, we can easily install it using the Airplay technology using your Apple device and stream the Xfinity stream app on your Apple TV. The steps for the same are-

Step 1- Firstly, you need to connect your iPad or iPhone to a common or same WiFi network. 

Step 2- Next you need to install the Xfinity stream app from the app store.

Step 3- Launch the app and enter your credentials. 

Step 4- Now return to the home screen and open the control buttons by swiping up.

Step 5- Tap on the screen mirroring option on the control panel.

Step 6- Now your iPhone or iPad will automatically search for Apple Tv or airplay devices nearby.

Step 7- Next you have to choose the Apple TV device where you wish to stream the Xfinity media contents.

Step 8- Once your device starts screening with the Apple TV you can open the Xfinity stream app and select the media you wish to stream. 

Step 9- When you wish to disconnect the screen mirroring, single tap on the screen mirroring option to disconnect.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Q1- Can one find the Xfinity stream app for Apple TV?

Answer- As of now, no, the Xfinity stream app is not available for the Apple TV. However, you can stream the app on Apple TV by screen mirroring using the above mentioned steps.

Q2- Is mirroring a good option for streaming Xfinity stream app apple tv?

Answer- Yes, one can enjoy all the features of the Xfinity app by mirroring it easily on the Apple TV for no extra charges.

Q3- What are the devices that can be streamed on Xfinity?

Answer- The Xfinity stream app is available on iPhone, iPad, Firestick, Roku, Apple watch, and almost all the Smart TVs.

Q4- What are the mediums that support the Xfinity stream app?

Answer- Roku, Samsung smart TV, Chromecast, Android (mobile devices), Apple iOS (mobile devices), macOS, and Windows. 

Q5- What is airplay?

Answer- With airplay the users can easily stream or simply mirror the content from iOS and Mac devices wirelessly. Airplay can be accessed easily by swiping up from the middle part of the phone.

A few final thoughts

Xfinity stream app is a godsend for people who are looking to invest in an OTT that can provide a large variety of content on a single platform as it includes live TV, TV shows, movies, sports, news and many more. The app is updated regularly so you don’t have to miss on your favourite shows, movies, and live shows. You can easily keep a track on the TV shows, channels, and other content. Installing Xfinity stream app apple tv is a great medium to enhance the streaming experience in an effortless and easy manner.

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