Dash Cameras for Commercial Fleets


With technology evolving every day, we are finding more and more uses for it from pleasure to remote home security. A natural step in that progression is the dash cam. For some time now law enforcement has been utilizing them for use in officer safety, reviewing facts of a traffic stop and to protect against false accusations. Now we see the dash cam gaining popularity in the general public as well. In a litigious society, the courts are overwhelmed with the fallout from traffic accidents. These cameras take all the guess work out of deciding who was actually at fault. Going hand in hand with that, they can be invaluable in providing police an account of a witnessed accident.

Protecting your investments

There is a field where dash cameras can prove their worth on a daily basis and that is the service industry. As a former employee of a well-known delivery service, I can see a wealth of benefits involved with equipping fleet trucks with cameras. These drivers carry everything from your birthday present from Grandma to payrolls and prescription drugs. I have personal knowledge of incidents where people will call in saying the driver never delivered the package. A dash cam would show the physical delivery and not only protect the driver’s reputation, but save the company from having to pay a claim on the value of the package. Common sense tells you, less claims, more profit, and better overall company reputation.

Fleet vehicles log more on the road miles in a week than most average commuters do in six months. This increases the odds of accidents and extensive damage to freight and vehicle. While wanting to believe that all people are good, the sad truth is that when someone sees a company logo on a vehicle involved in an incident, there is going to be a court date. If your driver is not at fault, the camera will prove it and save you tremendous amounts of money, headaches and bad publicity.

Most insurance companies will offer discounts or be more willing to pay a claim without penalty due to the added safety feature of the camera.

Choose and Use

More advanced models offer more options. With the top brands you can get GPS for out of the way deliveries. Another feature is a speed monitoring display, helping you ensure you have the safest drivers behind the wheel. Other choices include a dual camera system with front and rear mounts. The weatherproof rear camera is mounted on the outside of the vehicle. With the stop and go nature of the business, you want to be sure to purchase cameras with park features. On private vehicles, the camera will automatically turn off when in park, but fleet cameras will continue to provide coverage. One last thing to keep in mind is that customer service will assist you with any need or issues you may have, going as far as helping you use videos when filing any claims with your insurance. Peace of mind has never been simpler.

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