Wooden Knuckle Duster Provides Perfect Non-lethal Takedown

Forget brass knuckles. Are you honestly trying to kill somebody? Of course not. So instead, try these wooden knuckles. It won’t split a persons skull in two, but it’ll leave some splinters and a few bruises. What more would you expect from a wooden knuckle duster?

Now, if you just so happen to hit someone whose 21 Jump Street, you better haul ass or you’ll be spending the next twenty years in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison. It’s a good thing wood weighs less than brass. Wood working master Mitch Roberson lets these go for $40 a pop. Play safe.

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  1. I love this and had always wanted to make one.

  2. What?? It’s not the weight of the material used that matters. brass knuckles transfer the impact to the palm of the hand and increases the pound per square inch of the punch. plastic or wood knuckles work the same as metal and the laws never discriminate on the material used. A six dollar ABS plastic pair work the same as a forty dollar dalton pair does.

  3. here is the site that does it right http://www.bsproducts.net

  4. Actually Robert the impact is also affected by the weight of the item. For example, if I throw a punch at 35 mph and it transfers a total of about 80-90 psi (including the body weight put behind it with proper form) now, take that 80 psi and add weight to it, it’s like taking an aluminum bat and hitting something then taking a lead pipe and hitting something. Weight transfers to joules of energy, which especially focused on the impact point of brass (or wood) knuckles, can do some serious damage. One major thing to note though is that if you’re not using proper form you can end up breaking your hand or wrist. Brass knuckles protect the knuckles, focus the force, and add weight.

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