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Smash Clock

ARE YOU ANGRY? PISSED OFF? TIRED? WANT TO GO BACK TO SLEEP? Well fuck work. This is the Smash Clock. Hit this fucking thing until it shuts up so you can go back to sleep. You’re probably hungover from Thursday night and don’t feel like doing any work, so this clock is perfect for releasing that pent up rage on. ...

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Wooden Knuckle Duster Provides Perfect Non-lethal Takedown

Forget brass knuckles. Are you honestly trying to kill somebody? Of course not. So instead, try these wooden knuckles. It won’t split a persons skull in two, but it’ll leave some splinters and a few bruises. What more would you expect from a wooden knuckle duster? Now, if you just so happen to hit someone whose 21 Jump Street, you ...

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Do Hit Chair: Beat The Shit Out Of It And Then Take A Seat

How do you get your anger our? Some people like punching walls and telephone poles. Others use stress balls or meditation. But sometimes, you just have to pick up a heavy duty weapon and beat the shit out of a piece of steel. Am I right? Huh? HUH?! YEAH! The Do Hit Chair by Droog Design is a a cube ...

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