Do Hit Chair: Beat The Shit Out Of It And Then Take A Seat


How do you get your anger our? Some people like punching walls and telephone poles. Others use stress balls or meditation. But sometimes, you just have to pick up a heavy duty weapon and beat the shit out of a piece of steel. Am I right? Huh? HUH?! YEAH!

The Do Hit Chair by Droog Design is a a cube made with 0.4″ thick steel. To mold your own chair, just grab a sledgehammer and start beating the hell out of it. Once you’re happy with the design, take a rest from the exertion by grabbing a seat on your new chair. The cost of a Do It Chair is a huge turn-off though. $6718 for a pre-hammered chair and $5924 for your non-hammered piece of steel. Grr, prices like that make me want to beat the shit out of blocks of metal!

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