Neo Cube Blows My Fricken’ Mind

Composed of 216 “high energy rare-earth magnets”, the Neo Cube is a relatively simple little toy which we can see just wasting hours upon hours of our time. The product page lists the Neo Cube as being perfect for “gaming, expression, stress relief, boredom busting, dual hemispherical brain stimulation, and hours of fun.” But they forgot one very important factor: procrastination.

Right. Procrastination isn’t much of a buzz word for selling a product. But let me tell you, I sure as hell won’t be focusing on dual hemispherical brain stimulation when I play around with the cube for an hour or three. Get your own for $25. Hit the jump to see some of the sweet shit you can make with the Neo Cube.


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  1. I bought this before it sold out everywhere. I love the thing. My biggest problem is that my mom won’t give it back. I need like, 10 more for Christmas 🙂

  2. just came in the mail. awesome even tho its missing like 4 balls. but thats nothing the 6 backup ones that came with it couldnt fix. im not really able to split the cube like in the video. don’t matter ill figure it out. awesome product tho.

  3. I got mine from , it was only $27 bucks. I can’t put it down!!

  4. These are the coolest puzzles! I just bought 2 of them from this place called They have different types of cubes and cool packaging! Its defiantly a must check out. The price was pretty good. I believe the 7×7 Creation Cube is the same as the NeoCube BUT the 7×7 Creation Cube you get 343 spheres VS the NeoCube you only get 216 spheres. Dunno… Check it out at 🙂 – Gadget Master

  5. my friend has 1 of these and now i am addicted! they are so much fun to play around with and oyu can make so much cool stuff

  6. NeocubeSupporter

    @Nicholas nooooooooo…. 7×7 = $50 = 343
    NeoCube….neocube alpha = $19.95 X 2 = 39.90 = 448 spheres
    take that Gadget Master

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