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Wireframe Lambo is Slightly More Affordable Than the Real Thing

While I’ll probably never be able to afford a real Lamborghini on my meager blogger’s salary, if I save up every paycheck, and every other Lambo fanatic somehow goes completely broke over the next few decades or so, than I might be able to save up enough for Benedict Radcliffe’s $65,000 Wireframe Lambo. All I want is bragging rights. Is ...

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Crazy Germans Invent Steel Velcro

I’m stickin’ to you, cuz I’m made out of STEEL mothafuckin’ VELCRO! NO, I did not change the words at all, I SWEAR. Look at this face? How can you not trust me? *pout* The Germans have gone and invented something that might change the way we look at Velcro sneakers. Their “Metaklett” is pretty much Velcro on steroids, a ...

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Pyro Art That’ll Set Your Eyes On Fire

Fancy art? Same here. Whether it be an abandoned gas station gone quilt crazy or a Janis Joplin-looking smug face made up of 7,563 dice, we appreciate the artistic drive and innovative approaches to ideas that designers come up with. That’s why when I saw Dave Umlas’ sculpture I just HAD to write about it because like many idiotic cavemen, ...

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Arduino Lilypad: Oversized Robotic Arm Directs Plants To Window

Your house plants are withering. You have two options: put them out in the sun or build a gigantic robotic arm that takes up half of your living space. Lively plants at the cost of sleeping in the bathtub doesn’t sound too bad either. The Bartlett School of Architecture showcased their �Experiments in Time� exhibit, which included this steel monstrosity ...

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Pedal Powered Panzer Fights War, Not Wars

Kick ass pedal powered Panzers are fighting the good fight. The second annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby inspired a group of guys to construct a human powered Panzer Kampwagen III in 11 days for the purpose of crashing the party. By the time they were finished the tank, they were too tired to crash any party, so they just spent ...

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Do Hit Chair: Beat The Shit Out Of It And Then Take A Seat

How do you get your anger our? Some people like punching walls and telephone poles. Others use stress balls or meditation. But sometimes, you just have to pick up a heavy duty weapon and beat the shit out of a piece of steel. Am I right? Huh? HUH?! YEAH! The Do Hit Chair by Droog Design is a a cube ...

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