IV Drips Are The New Oxygen Bars


Over in Japan, people do crazy shit. I’d use different terminology for sure if we were talking about, say, Las Vegas. But Japan is always changing the game with new technology and wacky ideology. The latest craze to hit the land of the rising sun is Drop-in IV Drip Therapy, a service offered through TenTeki10, a company I don’t have a clue about because I don’t read or speak Japanese.

TenTeki10 claims that through 10 minute drip sessions involving supplements, home remedies and energy injections (methamphetamine?), customers can relax and release the stress they experience in having to work and deal with the City of Tokyo day in and day out. Seems a little grandiose to me. Costs about $20 and is way cooler than an oxygen bar at the Excalibur in Vegas.

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