The Phone That Gives You Wood

Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee have designed this jagged edged wooden phone dubbed the Maple Phone. It’s made up of African Blackwood and sports some of the latest features you’d find in any cellphone to date. An MP3 player, digital camera and the basic functions like calling and SMS are all incorporated into this wooden phone that’ll have every hippy bitching about the preservation of woodlands in America.

Though it doesn’t display your mood like the FuChat, this unique handset has a display that is placed at the back, revealing itself as you slide the handset. It isn’t until you touch the wood (ha, touch the wood!), that the phone shows it’s true form and screen display. No word on a release date or if the phone will be as cheap as the HOP1800, but you can bet Frodo will be showing this phone to all his hobbit buddies in the shire.

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  1. Hallo I want to buy the phone wood

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