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Life-Size Ferrari V12 Engine Crafted Out of Wood, Available on eBay

An Australian carpenter-cabinetmaker took his talents to the automotive world with his custom DIY Ferrari V12 engine which is completely made out of carved wood. Weighing around 55 lbs, the wooden V12 is an exact replica of the actual Ferrari engine, down to every last wooden spark plug. Of course, the engine is not functional, so don’t try to strap ...

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Gadgets for Beavers: Cellphone Charger Made Out of Wood

Apparently, being in the Russian military isn’t all fun and vodka. Hanging out in the woods all day might sound like a fantastic time (no, it actually really, really doesn’t), but in reality, it’s a lot rougher than you’d expect. Members of a Chechen troupe of troops have resorted to extreme ways of charging their beloved electronic devices. This handmade ...

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Wooden Knuckle Duster Provides Perfect Non-lethal Takedown

Forget brass knuckles. Are you honestly trying to kill somebody? Of course not. So instead, try these wooden knuckles. It won’t split a persons skull in two, but it’ll leave some splinters and a few bruises. What more would you expect from a wooden knuckle duster? Now, if you just so happen to hit someone whose 21 Jump Street, you ...

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The Phone That Gives You Wood

Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee have designed this jagged edged wooden phone dubbed the Maple Phone. It’s made up of African Blackwood and sports some of the latest features you’d find in any cellphone to date. An MP3 player, digital camera and the basic functions like calling and SMS are all incorporated into this wooden phone that’ll have ...

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