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Punch Camera Sadly Doesn’t Punch Your Enemies in the Face

Disappointing isn’t it? I assumed that you’d just click a photo and out would fly a massive fist. But, nope, this concept is a lot more harmless. A lot less of your enemy’s blood is included. Instead of the satisfying snap of your bully’s nose, YOU snap a picture, YOU punch the damn camera, YOU take the punch-out photo out ...

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Next Generation Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Here’s a new take on the classic Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots toy everyone remembers from when they were young. Tamiyas Robocraft boxing robots are very much like the classic game, except you build the bots yourself. Sure, they might not look like “Bolt Crusher Bob” and “Gear Grinder Greg” but they’re just as fun. Each robot operates on a ...

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Wooden Knuckle Duster Provides Perfect Non-lethal Takedown

Forget brass knuckles. Are you honestly trying to kill somebody? Of course not. So instead, try these wooden knuckles. It won’t split a persons skull in two, but it’ll leave some splinters and a few bruises. What more would you expect from a wooden knuckle duster? Now, if you just so happen to hit someone whose 21 Jump Street, you ...

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Kung-Fu Companion Kicks Butt And Takes Names

Desktop companions are an integral piece to everyone’s computer room feng shui. Now that doesn’t mean you need to settle for some boring chameleon that does nothing more than let his tongue loose every once and awhile. Instead, why not try the Kung-Fu Boy? He’ll kick and chop his way into your heart all while making the appropriate sound effects, ...

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