Brass Knuckle Wine Opener shows the cork you’re not fooling around


This unique wine opener was designed by Jonathan Sabine for his Vest Collection. The integration of the brass knucks looks like they were what the weapon was made to do. It looks like it would make things a lot easier to pop the cork.

The brass knuckles are meant to add some dark humor, we guess in light of the whole mafia connection, hence Italian wine, hence killing narcs with crude weapons, but hey, thats just our sick minds at work. It would be a nice dash of humor to add to your  other wine  gadgets. And if you catch someone not laughing at your funny kitchen gadgets, you can always just nail them in the face. — Andrew Dobrow

Home Page [Vest Collective, via Design Sponge]

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  1. wow, is that also considered to be illegal? that would probably be handy for a bar in the rough part of town, huh?

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