eSommelier Wine Inventory System overdoes your cellar


Extravagance for some means a well stocked wine cellar and a reliable and expensive gadgets to keep that cellar up, moving, and organized. If you are one of those people who feels they must have the best of wine cellar inventory systems, regardless of how ridiculous we think it might be, then the eSommelier Inventory System by well known rich jerks Frontgate, is definitely right up your alley

For no less than $8000 (well 99 cents less actually), the eSommelier is the Bentley of wine inventory systems if there is such a thing. It boasts a 15″ LCD touch screen includes everything one would want out of an inventory system. Network capabilities allow you to show off your wine collection while your abroad at your italian vineyard. Pompous bastard.

With it’s bar code software and printer, the contents of your cellar are always in working order. Don’t like the touchscreen option? You can plug a physical keyboard in to use if it makes things more comfortable. If your a wine collector, the eSommelier is the epitome of extravagance. — Andrew Dobrow

Frontgate Product Page [via Uncrate]

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