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No Empty Gestures: Touchless Interface to Demo at CES

The Norwegian firm Elliptic Labs’ booth at CES next week will feature several implementations of a touchless, gesture-based interface for tablets and mobile devices, according to the company. Unlike the Kinect, Elliptic’s interface, called Ultrasonic Touchless Input, graphs hand movements using echolocation. Bathing the user in a silent ultrasonic torrent, it measures the return time of rebounding sonic impulses to ...

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Touch Menus in Restaurants Could Eliminate The Need For Servers (and Tips)

About 90% of resturant awkwardness occurs when trying to converse with the server. I think most of the small talk is awkward for a few simple reasons. First, you don’t really care whether the waitress is having a busy night or not. You just want your food. Second, the waitress doesn’t really care how your evening is going. She just ...

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Misa Digital Guitar Replaces Strings with Touchscreen

We’ve seen some crazily zany guitar designs in our day but none that have essentially ended its stature as a true guitar. The Misa Digital Guitar cuts out the strings and replaces them with a multi-touch screen. Sort of defeats the purpose of acoustics, but who the hell cares, this thing is beyond innovative. Pretty much a handheld MIDI controller ...

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