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The Fast Food Mafia: Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself a Bun

With Ron the Don, it’s always personal. Screw business. Did Wendy launch an ad campaign against the family? Well, business is going to have to suffer. Meet the true kingpins behind the New Jersey of the food industry, the Fast Food Mafia. You thought Ronald was dead? Think again. Just stay clear of the drive-by deep fryings and believing their ...

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Brass Knuckle Wine Opener shows the cork you’re not fooling around

This unique wine opener was designed by Jonathan Sabine for his Vest Collection. The integration of the brass knucks looks like they were what the weapon was made to do. It looks like it would make things a lot easier to pop the cork. The brass knuckles are meant to add some dark humor, we guess in light of the ...

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