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Mario and Luigi Caught Manhandling Taxi Driver on Camera

This might just be Mario and Luigi’s attempt to get their name in the papers only days before the release of the new Super Mario Bros. Wii game, but apparently the two plumbers were spotted assaulting a NYC cab driver. Don’t get too discouraged quite yet, your two favorite plumbers still might have a chance. Number one, the attack was ...

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Wooden Knuckle Duster Provides Perfect Non-lethal Takedown

Forget brass knuckles. Are you honestly trying to kill somebody? Of course not. So instead, try these wooden knuckles. It won’t split a persons skull in two, but it’ll leave some splinters and a few bruises. What more would you expect from a wooden knuckle duster? Now, if you just so happen to hit someone whose 21 Jump Street, you ...

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Bang! Bang! You’re Drunk

Ice cube trays don’t get more bizarre than ones shaped like a AK-47 magazine. That’s what forged these bullet-shaped ice cubes shown above which, for some reason or another, are now chilling our favorite drinks. No, not even Titanic or Tetris-shaped ice cubes can match what these puppies are packin’. That’s a whole lot of heat for such a chilling ...

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