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Understanding WOW as a Non-Player

World Of Warcraft

When it comes to gamers, there are those who play WOW and those who don't. For those who don't World of Warcraft is quite often overwhelming and honestly, a little bit baffling. Today we're going to take a "noob" look at WOW.

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This is Why Tickets For BlizzCon Sell Out So Fast

Not just so the people in know can show up Blizzard developers, but so everyone else can watch it happen. Now known as the “Red Shirt” guy, which I assume is because he’s wearing a red shirt and not because he always dies a violent death soon after entering the scene. But who the hell knows with you people. In ...

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World of Warcraft Truffles Satisfy Your Geek Tooth

I don’t know about you guys, but when I have a hankering, there’s a considerable shortage of easily available foods that will satisfy my geek tooth. The Bacon AT-AT is long gone and all of my cupcakes have been successfully shot at people’s faces with a cannon. So, alas, it’s time again to throw on the ole apron and get ...

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World of Warcraft on the iPad

WoW addicts will be happy to know that there’s a way to take your addiction to the road. At least that’s what is alleged. Apparently it’s possible to run World of Warcraft on the iPad via Dave Perry’s non-commercial (yet) Gaikai game streaming service, which somehow bypasses Apple’s imprisonment of Flash and combines Java, Flash and Silverlight to create a ...

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