Let’s Talk WoW: Observations About Transitioning From The Horde to The Alliance

This is a topic close to my heart as I’ve been a pretty hardcore WoWer for several years now. I’ve crossed the line between Horde and Alliance several times throughout my Warcraft tenure and have tried mentally listing the differences between the two factions. Lia from ForeverGeek does a good job of listing some of the main differences between the players and environments of the grand World of Warcraft.

1. Alliance player aren�t all the bad. I had this misconception that Alliance had more annoying players since there was this misnomer that more kids play Alliance. I�ve beginning to think that�s not entirely true ever since Horde got the Blood Elf race and all the kids transferred to Horde side. So far, the Alliance Trade Chat has been quite friendly and actually made more sense than Horde Trade Chat.

2. Blizzard definitely spent more time on designing major Alliance towns. I don�t know if its the novelty of a new experience, but I personally think that Alliance towns are waaaaay prettier than Horde towns. Definitely way bigger, too. And I don�t know about you, but the mere fact that Alliance has the Tram trumps any mode of Horde transportation! I�m so envious! Horde zeppelins are cool, but I prefer the pretty Alliance boats.

3. Gnome and Dwarf Tanks are annoying. They�re just so tiny!

4. The prices for items in Alliance Auction House seem to be cheaper. Probably because there are more Alliance players? More supply, so cheaper prices?

I’m interested in hearing what differences you might have noticed between the two rivaling factions. Are Alliance players really more immature? Or is that a thing of the past? Were Alliance cities purposefully made prettier and more detailed to further show the stark differences between the two factions or did Blizzard simply put more time into their design?


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  1. I’ve been on both factions since the game launched, and I can say there honestly isn’t that grand of a difference in terms of player maturity. I can say, however, that horde town architecture is horrible. I much, much prefer the alliance towns like Ironforge and Stormwind. The Exodar can lick my balls, though.

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