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Baked Goods For The Horde!

Even orcs and trolls love the occasional cupcake. Get them together for their best undead friend’s birthday and just try to keep them away from the tasty goodies. Delicately crafted from a fully-leveled cooking skill, these Horde Cupcakes are perfectly suited for WoW get-togethers or even as a goody for gaming conventions. Cooking is totally customizable, so you can add ...

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World Of Warcraft Branded Dell Laptop Gives Some Cool Extras

I gave up on PCs after I just couldn’t allow myself to see another blue screen. I feared for my laptops life if I were to ever see one again. My obsession with World Of Warcraft might be my downfall back to the PC. The new World Of Warcraft-branded Dell Laptops come with a slew of extra WoW-themed features. Set ...

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/tattoo: WoW Tattoo for the Horde!

This girl is my new love at the moment. Of course, she doesn’t know it yet. This true hardcore gamer got a tattoo of the Horde symbol from the popular MMO, World Of Warcraft. Her WoW character is a Tauren Warrior, which is the same as me. Just more proof of our fate. If you wanna chat, check me out ...

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