/tattoo: WoW Tattoo for the Horde!


This girl is my new love at the moment. Of course, she doesn’t know it yet. This true hardcore gamer got a tattoo of the Horde symbol from the popular MMO, World Of Warcraft.

Her WoW character is a Tauren Warrior, which is the same as me. Just more proof of our fate. If you wanna chat, check me out on the Archimonde server. The name is Zoejoe, and I will /say with you if you desire. That goes for all of you WoW junkies. /moo — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Oh, she knows.

  2. Hey wow’er. Just thought I’d say hey. Albine 70 draenei hunter on The Scryers server.

  3. argh…i miss my 70 rogue…

    had the HUGE crits

  4. That is the symbol for Orcs you noob….not the horde.

  5. it IS a horde symbol, noob… orcs invented it. just like the golden lion head stands for the aliance, and the humans invented it.

  6. It’s asymmetrical. Fail.

  7. Woooa!!!! *-*
    Now she is my love too *0*
    great tattoo!!! *-*

  8. So weird finding posts about you on the internet! Haha, here’s a photo of my warstomp tattoo as well. Point and laugh or offer a high five, it’s all good.
    Not the greatest photo, but that’s it.

  9. nice horde tattoo
    and is the guy in the back weaing a casualties’ “can’t stop us” shirt?

    for the horde.

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