World Of Warcraft Branded Dell Laptop Gives Some Cool Extras


I gave up on PCs after I just couldn’t allow myself to see another blue screen. I feared for my laptops life if I were to ever see one again. My obsession with World Of Warcraft might be my downfall back to the PC. The new World Of Warcraft-branded Dell Laptops come with a slew of extra WoW-themed features.

Set for a December 11 release, the WoW Dell notebook comes in your choice of Alliance or Horde colors, sporting a full Burning Crusade package, plus a WoW backpack filled with tons of goodies, including the game itself, strategy guides, and a special account that offers access to a unique in-game pet. It also comes with a coupon for a super cool WoW action figure. The problem is, it’s gonna cost you $4,500 (ouch!) to get. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. I don’t doubt a lot of people are going to try and buy that just so they can get the cool pet. I know it is a lot of money, but you might be able to justify it if you need a new laptop.

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