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World Of Warcraft Branded Dell Laptop Gives Some Cool Extras

I gave up on PCs after I just couldn’t allow myself to see another blue screen. I feared for my laptops life if I were to ever see one again. My obsession with World Of Warcraft might be my downfall back to the PC. The new World Of Warcraft-branded Dell Laptops come with a slew of extra WoW-themed features. Set ...

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MyTego introduces total electronic personalization of your favorite devices

Only days ago on Christmas Day, millions of people were introduced to new personal electronics, many of which fall under one of the “Big 10” which includes the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and PSP, ipod Nano, Blackberry, Treo, DELL Notebook Laptop, Motorola and Palm. With the millions of hands now playing with their gadgets, there are millions of people eager ...

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