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The Bible: Now in MMO Form

The bestselling book of all-time is finally getting a quality game adaptation to go along. The best-selling novel, The Bible, tells the story of an omnipresent creator named God and his mystical Caucasian son, Jesus of Nazareth, whom grows up in the Middle East around the turn of the 1st century A.D. The Bible Online tells the story through the ...

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Blizzard Reveals WoW Night Elf Druid Bear Form Changes

All of you tree-hugging druids out there are about to get your own custom bear form and honestly, it looks pretty neat. The Tauren is getting their own, why not the Night Elves as well? Blizzard is slowly rolling out the models for the new form changes coming soon to your nearest World of Warcraft screen. The models have definitely ...

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NASA Working On MMO

While World of Warcraft still reigns supreme as king of the MMOs, Blizzard has an unusual competitor entering the market: NASA. The government space agency is developing an MMO that takes place around 2035 and focuses on “being in a habitat on a planetary surface and doing things like mining Helium-3 for fuel, operating a hydroponics facility to grow plants ...

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Google Cans “Lively” Project

Say goodbye to Google’s attempt at making a virtual social network. Announced back in July, Google is now closing the door on its Google Labs project “Lively” at the end of this year and says it wants, quote: “to ensure that we prioritize our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business.” I guess it’s back ...

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MMO’s Are Serious Business

In Japan, you apparently can be charged with illegal access of a computer and manipulating electronic data if found guilty of intentionally “killing” someone’s MMO character. Some guy divorced his online wife’s avatar in Maple Story and in her anger she killed his character. Now, she faces a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine of up ...

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