Nintendo Scores Patent for “Massively Single-Player Online Game”

Now this is a piece of news you don’t hear every day — Nintendo has officially acquired the patent for “Massively Single-Player Online Game”.

Well, Nintendo has always been a company that hasn’t been afraid to try new things. To be fair, they actually do a pretty convincing job at convincing us that a “MSPOG” will not suck. Here’s the patent description:

Those who want to play games that are more dynamic, not-based on Al and not-pre-scripted like multiplayer games, however, don’t want to ‘deal’ with other people, appreciate the privacy it provides.”

So, it’s like playing a MMORPG, except without all the people. Got it. Why does this game require online play, again?

It will certainly be interesting to see what type of game Nintendo comes up with.

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