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Win A Chance To Beta Test Wrath Of The Lich King

Can’t wait to play the upcoming expansion Wrath Of The Lich King for World Of Warcraft? Blizzard understands and has offered a chance win an invitation to the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King beta on their website. Unlike the Burning Crusade beta invite process, Blizzard wants to limit their invitations. Only players who have expressed active interest in participating ...

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The Onion: World of World of Warcraft

‘Warcraft’ Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing ‘Warcraft’ The Onion covers the latest Blizzard game, World of World of Warcraft. In this exciting new sequel, you’ll be able to play as an avatar playing World of Warcraft. You can get on the phone with your ISP when your ‘net connection goes down, microwave Hot Pockets and help your character ...

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Leaked Screenshots from World of Warcraft WotLK Alpha

Seemingly verified through insider information, sources have confirmed that these screenshots have been leaked from the alpha testing phase of the World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. The new expansion will add a new class, the first hero class, the Death Knight, to the WoW world, as well as a new profession called Inscription, new ...

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MacBook Pro Beautifully Laser-Etched With WoW Dark Portal Design

What lies just beyond the Dark Portal? And to think, for the last few years I thought it was Outland which dwells within the stars. All of this time, it has been nothing but an Apple logo. Ok, but in all seriousness, this laser-etching job on a MacBook Pro is a gorgeous depiction of the Dark Portal from World of ...

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WoW Shaman Cake: Does William Shatner Like Chocolate?

Back in November, Blizzard released a slew of celebrity World Of Warcraft commercials, one of which starred William Shatner as the nature grasping Shaman. Oh sure, we’ve seen our share of gamer themed cakes, but this super-chocolaty cake showcases the Shaman symbol from the popular MMO. I don’t think Star Trek ever had a sweets-themed episode, but Shatner’s slight belly ...

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Toyota Warcraft Ad: Because Nerds Have Money

Somewhere along the line Toyota realized that construction workers and middle-aged suburbanites aren’t the only people out there with an interest in trucks. What about nerds? We enjoy driving, and we may have to haul computer rigs and giant millennium falcon replicas around from time-to-time. Plus programming jobs pay decently, so we have some money to burn. And if you ...

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