World of Warcraft is Now Free-to-Play — With a Catch

The latest update to the World of Warcraft pricing model�definitely�makes me feel like a sucker for paying full price for all the expansions. It seems that Blizzard is responding to decreasing subscriptions after their latest patch release by implementing a new pricing model.

So, what’s the catch? Actually, there are several. First, you’re only allowed to play for free until you reach level 20. Also, all of your trade skills are capped at 100 points. You’re also limited to 10 gold, and you can’t use the auction house. You can’t whisper other players unless they whisper you first… Beginning to sound familiar? That’s because it’s the same set of restrictions that Blizzard puts on trial accounts. The only difference (really) is that players now have an unlimited amount of time to reach level 20, instead of the limited trial period.

‘Free’ users also get all of the Burning Crusade content for free when they upgrade their account.

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