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Chilean Miner Rescue: The Video Game

It took a team of engineers and a massive battalion of supporters 69 days to pull 33 Chilean miners from nearly half-a-mile beneath the Earth’s surface. How long will it take you? Chilean design firm Root33 created this flash game adaptation which brings gamers through the process of Plan B. If you understand Spanish, biographical information about every miner is ...

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TRON Motorcycle Suit

In a few short months, the film Tron: Legacy will hit theaters, reinvigorating a once lost franchise that seemed lost in the folds of gaming history. There’s only one way to survive the world of TRON, and that’s to have the proper gear. The lifespan of a digital light racer seems to be not so good. The Tron Motorcycle Suit ...

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Haters Gonna Hate

Livin’ the thug life. It ain’t always easy. But somebody’s gotta do it. His other presents were a pound of cocaine and a brand new Glock. Oh, and of course a sweater from Grandma. Link

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Portal on the iPhone

According to sources and this video proof, some guy has accomplished what many deem impossible. The above video shows the game Portal running on the iPhone. Whether this is just a lite version or a full port of the game is unknown at this point, but either version would be pretty cool in my book. Of course, there are plenty ...

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Dante’s Inferno Video Game Preview: Actually Looks Really Awesome

Here is the developer preview of the second circle of hell, Lust, from the upcoming Dante’s Inferno video game by EA. Disturbing, visceral, dark, tormenting and, most importantly, awesome. All words which describe what we can see from the game. The devs decided not to go overly smutty, considering the subject of Lust, though instead delve into the dark torment ...

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