Minecraftr: A Social Network for Minecraft Gamers Only, Also Known As Where Sex Lives Go To Die

Despite the amazing Minecraft videos I’ve come across over the last month or so, I’ve yet to actually play the game. I’m not much of an assembler. Minecraftr is a social network exclusively dedicated to the Minecraft community. So in other words, I’m not welcome.

Do I really need to shell out the $10 to join you guys? Is that all I need? I bet they’re talking about me behind my back right now and there’s nothing I can do about it. Whatever. I’m going back to tobacco pipe smoking forum, where the real magic happens.


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  1. Minecraftr just recently got brought back up. I don’t know the past history, but it’s definitely free. I can neither confirm nor deny the sex-life genocide, but you should give it a quick second chance! Maybe even some ideas to improve the community.

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