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Jurassic Park Recreated in Minecraft

Using the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, Josh Collin painstakingly built this awesome recreation of Jurassic Park, the only place where you can watch Jeff Goldblum awkwardly hit on female scientists AND be eaten by a T-Rex.

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Gamer Creates Massive Working Computer Using Virtual Minecraft Building Blocks

Craddock is not your average gamer. Better known by his online pseudonym “theinternetftw,” Craddock is one of a few crafty gamers in the process of creating a working virtual computer. In Craddock’s case, a 16-bit computer that will run entirely in Minecraft. That computer will be “Hack” compatible, meaning that it will run code meant for the Hack machine described ...

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Guy Creates 1:1 Scale Model of the Starship Enterprise in Minecraft

Minecraft, where sex lives go to die. Unless your name is Hal Nicholas, also known as halkun, in which case you’ll have trekkies of all shapes, sizes and sexes bowing down at your feet in admiration and perhaps just a hint of unadulterated monkey lust. Halkun has done the impossible. He has created the framework for what will eventually be ...

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