Coolest Minecraft Village Ideas for Beginners [2024]

If you’ve ever played Minecraft, the chances are that you are well aware of all the different things that you can do within the game. You can build structures like homes or castles, mine, dig, and even enchant various items. However, when you get started in Minecraft, you might want to build something, but you don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in to help you. In this article, we’re talking about Minecraft village ideas.

We will take you through ten Minecraft village ideas perfect for beginners who don’t know what to create in Minecraft. 

Cool Minecraft Village Ideas 

Kingdom Village


We’re starting off strong with the kingdom village! If you want to make a bold statement, this village is the way to go. This village has several homes and shops within it, all of which have roofs made of red tiles. The entire village is also located right next to a massive body of water. Another of the most remarkable features of this village is that it has a nicely built path for walking and a castle at its centre that looms high above the rest of the buildings. 

Survival Village 

The survival village is perfect for when you’re playing Minecraft in Hard mode. When you play in that mode, it’s important to remember that you need protection at all times, and you’re going to need it more or less instantly. That’s where this village comes in, to make sure that you don’t get attacked or run over by creepers and skeletons and other evil characters within the game. This village has a great fence along the outside wall that adds an extra layer of protection from the Spiders that climb up and interrupt your playing. Most importantly, this village has several sources of light to help you see what you’re doing when playing. 

Underground Village

The underground village is one of the most exciting villages you can build in Minecraft, and here is why. This village is built underneath a mountain! To construct it, you’re going to need to mine all the blocks from within the mountain. You will also need to set up multiple lamps all over the village because sunlight does not penetrate the underground spaces. This village also has an excellent tree in its middle, but an exciting thing about the tree is that it isn’t made of wood but blocks! 

Mercantile Village

Next up on our list of Minecraft village ideas is the mercantile village. As we all know, a village isn’t a village if it doesn’t have a group of people living in it! The mercantile village in Minecraft is perfect for you if you want your village to look unique and different. Each house in it is based on the profession of the villager who lives inside the house, meaning that each home has its unique design and style. 

Plains Village 

While the name of this village might sound ordinary, you can rest assured that the plain village is anything but plain! A river flows through and around the village, helping its inhabitants make sure that its plants and livestock never get thirsty. This village is also full of life, so it is in the top five portions of this list. 

Tiny Village 

The tiny village idea is perfect for when you don’t want to or don’t have the time to build an intricate and elaborate village. Instead, you have the chance to make this village that comes with everything its inhabitants need to survive. There are a few tiny houses, a general store, a source of water, and top it all off, and there is a watchtower to protect the inhabitants from any sort of danger. Another great feature of this village is a wall that surrounds the entirety of the village, thus giving it an added layer of protection. 

Taiga Village 

This next village design is ideal for those of you interested in creating a village that is much bigger than the Tiny Village but still simple and easy to create in terms of design. The homes in this village are equally spaced out from each other, and there is plenty of room for growing crops. 

Mountain Village 

When you build a village in the mountains, you get the chance to make use of the elevated land and wide, flat surfaces. As a result, the homes that you build in the mountain village will be multi-storied. Make sure that you build the necessary structures carefully because there are some rocky bits that you need to be aware of. 

Ohayou! Japanese Minecraft Village

The Japanese Minecraft village gives you the chance to feel like you just woke up in Japan, thanks to all of the wonderful design features of this village. Think about everything that you love and associate with Japanese culture and the city as a whole, then imagine them within the Minecraft world that you are building. This village has lots of bamboo trees, a shrine, several cherry blossom trees, and even a Toori gate. Another great feature is that there are several Japanese-style homes for the inhabitants of your village to live in. 

Medieval Town 

The last item on our list is the medieval town. The houses within this village are all extremely well-designed. They are very detailed and beautiful, and they have large amounts of character. Each house in this village has a different colored roof, and there is also a local tavern for travelers to go into and have a few pints! 

Final Words

In this article, we took you through a list of the top ten Minecraft village design ideas. All of the items on our list range from simple and easily constructible ideas to more complex and intricate ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I add to my village in Minecraft?

Some of the things you can add to your village in Minecraft include farms, libraries, butcher shops, and wells. 

How do you layout a village in Minecraft?

Start by sketching out a plan for a series of houses. Next, build the houses and make sure that you have enough houses to accommodate the number of people that will live there in the village. 

What does each villager need in Minecraft?

Each villager needs to have at least three loaves of bread, 12 beetroots, potatoes, or carrots. 

How do you make a mountain village in Minecraft?

Find a mountain in Minecraft, and carve out a space on the flat surfaces there, then build a village.

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